Glyphs & Graphs is a writing experiment by Naveen Srivatsav - an attempt at hypertext wordplay, intentionally amorphous thought experiments non-committal to any specific genre or topic. Enjoy, and feel free to reach out via social media.

amor fati

amor fati

oddly reminded of the words ‘amor fati’

Nietzsche extols the love of one’s own fate

accepting life in its entirety

whole-heartedly at every waking moment

for it is uniquely your own

and no other will ever, ever

see what you see

feel what you feel

add what you add

leave what you leave

love of life shouldn’t be conditional

contingent on promises and expectations

made to oneself by oneself

so love your sorrow

love your joy

paint your surroundings with your voice

where you stand hold up the sky

all the while passing through time

as lightly as

time passes through you

what if you knew the future was watching,

a friend asks

what would you do differently

let go just flow

ride the current

feel the occasional pleasure

and exquisite pain

like an unmissable view

sublime like a sunrise

savor each sensation like a rare wine

but let go just as easily

for tomorrow’s sunrise will be

just as special, precious, sublime

no need to bear the

burden of experience

memory is a photograph

not a deadweight

anticipation is but a surefire way

to generate a thousand disappointments

I’m curious

why natural selection would select for pain?

thank goodness then for love

timeless salve for oneself and each other

apply liberally

and watch as the well refills

over and over


bubbling urgently

as if one’s deepest being were a fountain

of endless love that cannot be contained

so fall in love with the life that gives you

the love to love

in all its forms

every moment another opportunity

to transform pain into love

and love into more love

greet the future with open arms

deep hug, naked abandon


finally we meet I couldn’t wait

boy do I have a story for you

nothing less than the love of a lifetime

nothing more than a lifetime of love

what is the clock

what is the clock

there is no i

there is no i