Glyphs & Graphs is a writing experiment by Naveen Srivatsav - an attempt at hypertext wordplay, intentionally amorphous thought experiments non-committal to any specific genre or topic. Enjoy, and feel free to reach out via social media.

sing weave and dance

sing weave and dance

keep flowing alive thing.png

step lightly in this forest little human

this refuge has been here long before you

and may yet outlast your last towers

its denizens may not speak your many tongues

but they sing weave and dance

dance weave and sing

living dreams into being

effervescing endlessly effortlessly

with form and colour

and a shared wisdom beyond your ken

if at all you find yourself irked by boredom

you need only look closer

hear truer

smell fuller taste broader feel deeper



reach into the raw

as far in as you can

till you brush against that within you

which trembles pulses reverberates with every breath

approach it and bask in its warm light

it is your very own aliveness

cherish it caress it coax it out

of its self-imposed exile

it is no secret to be kept hidden

it is rather an ornament meant for a far grander purpose

this forest is a stage you see

its denizens your fellow performers supporting crew loving audience

on cue for lights music action and applause

this story did not begin with you

may it not end with you

yet within it

you are invaluable inimitable irreplaceable

that is why you must

sing weave and dance little human

dance weave and sing

as simple a task as any but

feel free to impress

yourself most of all

step lightly in this forest little human

shed your worries tame your pride

lose your inhibitions find your stride

feel the rhythm sway with the tide

face your aliveness become the light

sing weave and dance

dance weave and sing

that is all you need do

there is no i

there is no i

You can always hate me tomorrow

You can always hate me tomorrow