Glyphs & Graphs is a writing experiment by Naveen Srivatsav - an attempt at hypertext wordplay, intentionally amorphous thought experiments non-committal to any specific genre or topic. Enjoy, and feel free to reach out via social media.

there is no i

there is no i


realize there is no i

i is but a dim awareness

of the right here right now

blooming transforming dissolving

with every passing moment

over and over again

memories always seem distant

only because they are far from the truth

worries cast naught but long shadows

the closer desires get to the horizon 

cast off these meaningless chains 

that ever shackle you and i 

learn instead to float with the wind

embracing every moment, every movement

as welcome opportunities to change perspective

and in the end, inevitably transcend 

to the big here long now

and then begin all over again

amor fati

amor fati

sing weave and dance

sing weave and dance