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A nebulous prefix to an already nebulous base-term, trans-humanism is a concept that sparks lively debates on both sides of the gallery. In this essay, we will deconstruct the term transhumanism, revisit the role of technology in the evolution and civilisation of Man, and speculate about the role of wearables in achieving symbiosis with our machines.

Two books reviews in one, this article was written for a Philosophy of Science & Technology course during my Masters at TU Delft. The two books being reviewed were Ian Glynn's Beauty in Science & James McAllister's  Beauty and Revolution in Science. A bit of a long read, but covers quite a bit of ground discussing if aesthetics is a rational pursuit, especially in Science.

An essay that was written as part of the Human Practices section of my team’s entry to the iGEM 2009 competition. Specifically in this essay, I cover the then-budding DIYbio movement, where a group of amateur enthusiasts were attempting to hack genetically engineered organisms outside the confines of research laboratories. An interesting topic for exploration!