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I thought it was fairly well-accepted that all models are wrong, some can be useful. Conceptually we should indeed be comfortable with the notion that there are inextricable interconnections and unknown unknowns and if that weren’t enough, the dynamics of how other agents will respond within the system over time. The trouble comes the moment you start to build something, anything.

Between May and October 2017, The Global Challenges Foundation ran a competition requesting for proposals to improve the framework of global governance to meet the increasing stakes of the 21st century. I was happy to take part in this competition with a diverse and global team, submitting an idea which we call “ComplexCity”. I would like to share the executive summary of the idea with the Internet community, humbly requesting your consideration, feedback and suggestions.

The news of Donald Trump's presidency has been so singularly distressing that I absolutely had to take time out to come to terms with it, make sense of it for myself, integrate it into my understanding of the world as it is (and not as I would like it to be). This essay therefore is more for me than anyone else… trying to make sense of a miasma of thoughts.