Glyphs & Graphs is a writing experiment by Naveen Srivatsav - an attempt at hypertext wordplay, intentionally amorphous thought experiments non-committal to any specific genre or topic. Enjoy, and feel free to reach out via social media.

Hyperstition: Living with Future Shock

Hyperstition is a neologism that combines the words ‘hyper’ and ‘superstition’ to describe the action of successful ideas in the arena of culture. This is a group to share and discuss the intersections of business, design, technology, media and realpolitik, which react to disruptions and create their own feedback loops at a civilizational level. Given we live presently in a planetary technological civilisation, many posts will skew towards memes in the zeitgeist, without condemning without condoning.

The Great Acceleration is underway. Where will it take us, and what lies in wait remains to be seen. Jump in, hang on and catch the ride: