Chief Technical Officer
Gothic Chess Federation
July 2001 – January 2008 (6 years 7 months)

"Obtained U.S. Patent #6,481,716 for a better way to play the game of chess by adding two new pieces to the board: An Archbishop that moves like a Bishop or a Knight, and a Chancellor that moves like a Rook or a Knight. Designed the software program that plays this game, which is now capable of announcing a checkmate from a distance of 268 moves (by searching pre-computed databases.) Built an online website to play the game. Hired and trained the Java and PHP staff to support it. Built the company data center. Created the disaster recovery plan. Raised over $15 million for a prize fund used to coax Bobby Fischer into coming out of retirement to play Anatoly Karpov. They would play Gothic Chess instead of regular chess. The winner would receive $10 million, the loser, $5 million. Karpov signed the contract, but Fischer died in early 2008 less than 6 months before the match was to take place."

Source: https://www.linkedin.com/in/edtrice