All in Observations

Democracy is as the joke goes, the least worst option. I'm cynical not because democracy is inherently flawed but because it represents a kind of cognitive outsourcing of long-term large-scale planning to the hands of the many. There is serious work required for a citizen to have an opinion, and honestly we are *not* seeing that at this moment.

I thought it was fairly well-accepted that all models are wrong, some can be useful. Conceptually we should indeed be comfortable with the notion that there are inextricable interconnections and unknown unknowns and if that weren’t enough, the dynamics of how other agents will respond within the system over time. The trouble comes the moment you start to build something, anything.

The heat of European summer revs melancholy into melodrama. I cycle past canals exuding the awkward charm of a multitude of boring things. Goaded by the breeze, dry leaves, fresh petals and sweet glinting pollen find themselves grooming the very air with perfume and hayfever. When the rare drifter finds release, it ever so gently plops in the water. That’s when I notice the ripples.

I occasionally drop by the local Rants & Raves forum in Craigslist; usually there is inane banter and idle discussion. But sometimes, just sometimes, there are some thoughtful questions, of which this was one. What defines you, the anonymous poster asked.